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Signature Tasting

The Signature Vertical Tasting - July 2009

We held a special tasting and dinner for The Signature and the "signatories", those people for whom the vintage was named because of their contributions to Yalumba. Here are winemaker Kevin Glastonbury's notes from the evening:

  • 1962 - Samuel Smith: light colour, sweet aged cedar and leather, spice, elegance ... to drink now
  • 1966 - Alfred Wark: full depth colour, richness, toasty leather, big structure ... to drink now
  • 1975 - Walter Smith: exc depth colour, brooding like an old chesterfield, fine grain tannin still with acidity ... maybe another 5 years
  • 1976 - Ron Skate: colour developing, slt musty, earthy, big old vat/oak style (St Henri) ... to drink now
  • 1977 - Harry Mahlo: developing to tawny, tomato leaf, red skin berry, cedar and age ... to drink now
  • 1987 - Dudley Ward: colour developing, dried herb and leafiness, "greener style", big vanillan oak ... to drink now - beautifully!
  • 1988 - Colin Gerhardy: medium depth colour, lots of herbs and spices, great framework and love the aromatics, liqueur cherry ... to drink now - beautifully !
  • 1989 - Macca: medium depth, sweet curry spices, nutmeg, stewed plum fruit, youthful presence ... to drink now
  • 1991 - Mark HS: deep brooding colour, dark red plum fruits, structured some funkiness, texturally satisfying ... maybe another 5 + years
  • 1996 - James Wark: exc depth colour, big sweet chocolate plum style, curranty, spices, chai tea elements ... maybe another 5 + years
  • 1998 - Ross White: exc depth colour, aromatically tiring some portiness and nuttiness, palate still very good, big and sweet with savoury finish ... to drink over the next 3 - 5 years
  • 1999 - John Heine: exc depth, jubey red currant, meaty and smokey, still maturing, sinewy, muscular and taut ... at least another 5 - 10 years
  • 2000 - Peter Lehmann: good colour, red currant, compost like, creamy white chocolate, lighter weight ... to drink now - 5 years
  • 2001 - Geoff Linton: exc color depth, complexity and finesse, very youthful tannins, tightly wound ... 10 + years
  • 2002 - Rhonda Sexton: exc depth colour, bright, jubey, freshness, blackcurrant, exposive fruit, a generous wine ... 10 + years
  • 2003 - Alan Hoey: medium depth colour, drying powdery chocolates, longer leaner, red fruits, slt drying ... to drink now - 5 years
  • 2004 - Fry/Auld/Walsh: medium to full depth, bright jubey, violets, currants, quite exotic, peppery, brooding ... 10 - 15 + years
  • 2005: Smith/Pullen: deep, concentrated, brooding, dark plummy, some violets, meaty, presence in the glass ... 10 - 15 + years
  • 2006 - to be named: deep, intense, violet florals, cloves, spices, complexity, very very stylish, absolute finess ... a long time
  • 2008 - barrel sample: deep, intense, lifted fresh blue fruits, cherry, cassis, briary, sweetness and style, tannin presence ... a long time

Wines over dinner:

  • 1971 - Alf Mader: light to medium depth, all cedar, leather, tobacco shop, smokey, but still showing fruits, with acidity ... to drink now - stunning
  • 1986 - Helen HS: medium depth colour, bright leafy minty cabernet, red fruits, medium weight but an elegant style ... to drink now ... wonderfully
  • 1992 - Eddie Waechter: deep colour, ripe, dark plums, cabernet cassis and finesse, big sweet fruited palate ... probably another 5 + years
  • 2001: Geoff Linton: as above notes

Signatories at dinner:
Geoff Linton, Macca, Alan Hoey, Sam Hayes (for Colin), James Wark, Colin Gerhardy, Vittorio di Biase, Peter Wall, Peter Graue and Peter Lehmann

Each stood up and told their story ... how they found out about becoming a signatory ... what it means to them ... and how much they have left!

a really wonderful night ...

-- Kevin Glastonbury


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