Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2007


93 points - "Verges on aristocratic, with razor sharp varietal character on bouquet and palate, then quite a savoury finish. This is a rare food-style viognier." Click here to download presenter.

James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2010


"Just for fun, this month I've been indulging in a bit of What If? As in, if your favourite celeb chef were a wine, what wine would he / she be? Nigella Lawson would be a viognier : voluptuous, rich and just to irresistible that one would find oneself drinking it straight from the bottle - although one oughtn't feel too naughty about this, because it's the little secret pleasures that make life worthwhile, don't you think?

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2007

Viognier is full of peachy flavours and is a vine that needs looking after. Therefore it's generally true that the pricier the bottle the better the wine. This Y Series is a rare good-value exception, suggesting viognier's inner voluptousness."

Max Allen, BBC Good Food Magazine (UK), April 2009


"The aniseed flavour of tarragon and fennel does not get on well with many wines; particularly reds, making them taste bitter - so beware. Viognier is one of the few varieties to have a natural affinity, and this peachy example from Australia has the bonus of added layers of creaminess to marry with the crème fraiche."

Telegraph Magazine (UK), February 2009


91 points - "Created by the country's top viognier team, this wine has a lovely floral nose with lavender, musk and spice, followed by spot-on fruit, apricots and musk again on the palate, the sweet spice of lime cordial tempered by well balanced acidity and tannins. Great value drinking."

Tony Love and Panel of Judges, The Advertiser - Top 100 Wines (Aus), November 2008


"Blending small dollops of viognier with South Australian shiraz has become fashionable in recent times. Yalumba has been doing it for a while now, with even wines in its budget-priced Y Series able to benefit from the practice. This is a good example. The nose shows a little apricotty finesse provided by the viognier, while the palate is wholesome, plummy shiraz with a pleasing tannic firmness. Short-term improver."

Mark Smith, The Examiner (Aus), 12 October 2008


"GOOD : - As usual, this is a subtle, delicate white that relies on its balance for its impact. Here ripe, sweet fruit is balanced by a zesty refreshing aciditiy."

Peter Forrestal, Quaff 2009 (Aus), October 2008


"The Y Series wines always overachieve and this is no exception. Potpourri, ginger and apricot aromas make for an expressive nose. The sumptous palate is mouth-filling and complete. It's a tad shorter than Yalumba's up-market viogniers but look at the price." Food : Portuguese spiced chicken. Ageing : drink now.

Sally Gudgeon & Ralph Kyte-Powell, Sunday Life Sun-Herald Magazine (Aus), 8 June 2008


"Unlike some budget-priced competition, this series isn't always boosted by lots of sweetness, remaining a true expression of the grape. Smelling of floral potpourri, ginger and apricots, this is a mellow, complete wine."

Ralph Kyte Powell, Sydney Morning Herald Good Living (Aus), 29 April 2008


"Yep, it's obviously a viognier. Deliciously soft and rich on the palate, a perfect white for cooler-weather drinking. Aromas of tinned apricots and vanilla ice cream are followed on the palate by melon and musk, with a touch of peppery spice. It's an exotic mix for such a cheap wine and nobody does it better than Yalumba."

Fergus McGhie, The Canberra Times (Aus), 19 March 2008


"No other Australian winery has produced more wine made from the the Rhone white-grape viognier than Yalumba, which has been working with the variety for 25 years. Given that, it's no surprise that the winemaking team under ther redoubtable Louisa Rose should be able to offer splendid wines at various price points. The Y Series version is the ideal introduction to the grape, with its light mandarin and apricot characters well captured within a modest structure."

Paddy Kendler, The Herald Sun (Aus), 12 February 2008


89 Points - "At the entry level of Yalumba's viognier program and punching well above its weight, this style has lifted aromatics and a luscious honeyed apricot kernel and ginger approach with plenty of vanilla-like interest from the fruit to make a very approachable drink."

The Advertiser (Aus), 21 November 2007

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