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Yalumba and the environment

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> Yalumba's Environmental PR Overview
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Respected Australian wine writer Max Allen reports on Yalumba’s Environmental Policy in Australian Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine, March 2008. Click here

"We are convinced that our efforts in protecting our natural resource base have reflected in the quality of the wines we share with the world. Quite simply, excellence in winemaking required excellence in environmental management – the two are inseparable. Our wines now celebrate this fact."
Robert Hill-Smith, Proprietor

At Yalumba we adopt a holistic approach to environmental practices, focussing on the sustainability of our natural resources. After six generations of family ownership, the future is as important to us as the present.

Yalumba takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is proud to be the first Wine Company in the World to receive the Climate Protection Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency 2007. Yalumba is also the first Company to be officially recognised (in 2005) by the Australian Government's Greenhouse Office as a 'Leader' in greenhouse gas management, and are the proud recipients of an International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices (Australia and New Zealand), from the United Kingdom in 2007.

As a wine business operating in the rural environment for over 150 years Yalumba understands the significance of sustainability. Therefore, Yalumba does not only aim to meet its legal obligations but, as part of normal operating practice, also strives to integrate cost-effective environmental and social objectives into relevant business activities.

At Yalumba environmentally-friendly sustainable activities are recognised as an intrinsic aspect of wine quality. In order to substantiate this aspect of quality, Yalumba has implemented a brand stewardship programme that reflects authenticity, due diligence, product safety and credible environmental management. By addressing those activities that have a significant environmental impact Yalumba ensures its employees and other stakeholders a healthy and productive life in an environment that is safe, aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functional.

Yalumba is committed to working co-operatively with its suppliers of goods and services to help them minimise their environmental impacts by adopting clean technology and best practice procedures. This approach to supply chain management is emphasised through its integrated procurement policy, which strives to strike a balance between price, quality, environmental and safety issues, and availability. All things being equal, Yalumba also strives to give preference to locally produced goods and services. Furthermore, the company seeks to encourage its customers to dispose of product packaging in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Through a programme of continuous improvement and monitoring Yalumba continues to deliver authentic Australian wines, making it the natural choice of the discerning consumer.

Commitment to Sustainable Yalumba  (PDF)

The Life Cycle Paradigm as an Intrinsic Component of Supply Network and Value Analysis  (PDF)


Share Yalumba, Share the Future As a wine business operating in the rural environment for over 160 years The Yalumba Wine Company understands the need to protect the fundamental elements essential to the making of quality wine: land, air, water and energy.

Through its ‘Commitment to Sustainable Winemaking’ programme Yalumba aims to identify, quantify and address any significant lifecycle impacts that may result from the Company’s business activities. The programme shall address actual or potential impacts on the environment through continuous improvement and environmental monitoring. By doing so, the long-term effects of these impacts on the sustainability of the business shall also be mitigated. Significantly, the Company shall not only meet its legal obligations but also integrate environmental considerations into pertinent business decisions in a socially responsible and cost-effective manner. Environmental, social and economic responsibility shall become integral aspects of normal business practice.

To achieve its commitment to sustainable grape growing, winemaking, packaging and distribution Yalumba shall use pertinent national and/or international standards to ensure effective implementation of management systems that protect the environment and the integrity of Yalumba’s wine.

As part of Yalumba’s commitment to sustainability, suppliers shall be encouraged to reduce their environmental impacts by adopting clean technology and best practice procedures. Furthermore, the Company shall seek to encourage its customers to dispose of product packaging in a responsible manner.

Yalumba shall also seek to establish strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders to ensure that its commitment to sustainability addresses shared and extended responsibilities..

Managing Director
22nd March 2011

Yalumba and the environment

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