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Aged Fortified Collection
  • Wine

    Yalumba Aged Fortified Collection

    Precious wines that have been aged for 21, 30 and 50 years at Yalumba.


Discover Our Aged Fortifieds

In the 1960s our winemakers decided to set aside small parcels of the very best Yalumba Tawnies, for extended ageing in casks crafted by our coopers. Each year the barrels set free a tiny percentage of their contents through evaporation – the angels' share – and after two, three and even five decades the wines became rich and concentrated.

Our Aged Fortified Collection includes three precious time capsules in a glass; Tawny wines that have been aged for 21, 30 and 50 years in the perfect conditions of our Museum Cellar.

This collection is exclusive to our Cellar Door and online wine shop.

Yalumba Aged Fortified Group Shot Zoomed
Yalumba 21 Year Old Tawny Bottleneck


Explore The Collection

21 Year Old Aged Tawny

Multi-layered aromas of raisin fruit, caramelised toffee and roasted nuts. Richly flavoured, luscious with a persistent and long finish.

Yalumba Aged Fortified 21 Years Zoomed
Yalumba Aged Fortified 21 Years

30 Year Old Fine Tawny

Seductive complexity of wood-aged characters and brandy spirit with sweet spices, caramelised toffee, figs, raisins and roasted nuts. Rich in weight yet balanced with lingering, elegant spirit notes.

Yalumba Aged Fortified 30 Years Small
Yalumba Aged Fortified 30 Years

50 Year Old Rare Tawny

This is the last of our oldest parcels of fortified history. Exhibiting enormous richness and concentration with fruit cake, caramel and honey with dried fruit and nuts.

Yalumba Aged Fortified 50 Years Small
Yalumba Aged Fortified 50 Years