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Australia’s First Families of Wine
  • Australia’s First Families of Wine


    Australia’s First Families of Wine is an exciting initiative created by 12 family owned Australian wineries, of which Yalumba is a proud foundation member. Together we represent 16 Australian regions across four states and between us, our families have more than 1380 years of winemaking experience and 5000 hectares of vines.

Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW) came together as a collective in 2009, to share with the world, their tales and stories that have enriched their family wine companies. The twelve member families have driven the messages of quality and provenance of Australian fine wine, sharing stories and anecdotes as custodians of some of the most iconic vineyards this country boasts. With wines made with a true sense of place and a genuine history full of passion, innovation and provenance, AFFW celebrates those things they have in common and the differences that make each wine family unique. Yalumba and the Hill-Smith family are proud foundation members of this vibrant and dynamic group of multi-generational family owned wineries.

“Whilst our families are individual in personality and approach, we share a rich authenticity. The stories Australia’s First Families of Wine tell are part of our rich histories, passed down through generations and retold by family working within their wine businesses. Together with our Next Generation, we are creating our own vinous tales that will inspire our future storytelling. We are the proud past and exciting future of Australian wine”

Robert Hill-Smith, Fifth Generation Proprietor

Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW)
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