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Winery / Yalumba - Cooperage
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    The Cooperage

    It’s safe to say that we bring a lot of love to every stage of the winemaking journey. So much so that we even craft our own barrels. In fact, Yalumba is the only winery in the southern hemisphere to have its very own cooperage. We select the oak, then carefully craft it into barrels to bring even more character to the wines we create right here in the Barossa.

The importance of oak

The oak chosen adds flavour, aroma and complexity to our wines. It is such an important stage in the winemaking process, that our wine maker Kevin ‘KG’ Glastonbury selects the oak himself to ensure an abundance of flavour and that every last drop has the potential to become something great.

After we import staves from the best forests in the world, we fashion the staves into tightly bound oak barrels that are then fired to delicately toast the wood, creating the perfect home for our wines to develop, until they find their way to your glass.

Octavius Cellar 2
Cooperage Staves

Once seasoned, the oak is delivered into the hands of the Yalumba coopers to be fashioned into barrels. After being carefully cut and manipulated into shape, the cooper then fires the barrels to toast the wood.

The Yalumba coopers employ a long, slow, medium toast, which is proven to be more homogenous and penetrates deeper into the staves. This process helps to eliminate any surface blistering and results in a sweeter more even toast that softens the aromatic compounds. The outcome is a delicate, toast that elevates the natural aromas of the wine and provides the winemaker with a greater control and consistency.

"I am proud to be the 7th master cooper at Yalumba; it's a longstanding tradition and unique amongst today's winemakers"

Shaun Gibson, Master Cooper

The crafting of oak barrels is a proud tradition at Yalumba with a coopering history dating back to the turn of the 20th century. With its own on-site cooperage, Yalumba is one of a few wineries in Australia, and one of a small and select group of wineries in the world, to enjoy this privilege.

Cooperage Feature