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Winery / Winemakers / Peter Gambetta


Peter Gambetta

Peter Gambetta

Peter Gambetta joined Yalumba in 2002 and is responsible for making our Rare & Fine collection from the Coonawarra, Yalumba The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon and its younger sibling The Cigar.

“Working with this region has delighted and challenged me for years. Having the opportunity to draw on my past experience and increase my understanding and ability to take the best of this region and nurture it until the final resultant wine, never loses its appeal to me,” says Peter.

Peter has always taken a meticulous approach to his winemaking. From harvesting at optimal ripeness and fruit flavour, to continuing to monitor the wine once in bottle – his attention to every detail is just one of the many reasons why Peter is such an outstanding winemaker.

In his words: “fine winemaking is a holistic pursuit, giving the winemaker an infinite number of possibilities to practice their craft during the creation of a wine.”

The Cigar; a name coined by Coonawarra Vignerons to describe the unique cigar-shaped strip of rich red terra rossa soil. Home to some of Australia’s most famous vineyards, the secret of Coonawarra lies in the intimate bond between the terra rossa soil, limestone layers, pure artisan water and a long cool ripening season. Fortunate to be part of this iconic place, Yalumba salutes the region’s pioneers and those privileged to inherit its future.