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Retro Dessert Recipes Reinvented

They say that everything old is new again, and that’s certainly the case for food and wine today, with retro recipes and tipples from the past making their way back in to our hearts.

Fortified wines are experiencing a renaissance, along with your grandmother's favourite recipes, like prawn cocktails and creme caramel.

With the launch of our 21, 30 and 50 Year Old Aged Tawnys, we’re taking a trip back in time to rediscover and reinvent some of our favourite desserts from decades past to pair perfectly with our rare fortified releases.

1960s - Upside Down Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pear Cake

Pairing fruit with all things sweet and savoury was the height of sophistication in the 1960s – think apricot chicken, fondue, fruit salad in jelly, and the classic dinner party staple: pineapple upside down cake.

While the use of fruit in savoury dishes can split a room, we can all agree that fruit, when used wisely, will always have a place in the kitchen when it comes to desserts.

To bring some 60s finesse to your next dinner party, try Donna Hay’s modern take on the classic upside-down cake, using pears as the fruit of choice, rather than soggy pineapple pieces.

The subtle sweet-bitterness of the hazelnuts pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the pear and the tartness of the chocolate, making this reinvented recipe the perfect centrepiece for dinner parties.

Serve with classic cream, or for a modern twist, a dollop of mascarpone, and a tipple of our 50 Year Old Rare Aged Tawny to truly take you back to the swinging 60s.

1980s - Chocolate Mousse with Port Ganache

The 1980s was an era of decadence – shiny suits, fast cars, and movie stars – but it wasn’t exactly an era known for its style.

The exception of course, is the classic smooth as silk dessert, chocolate mousse.

A staple at any 80s soiree “mousse au chocolat” originated in France in the 17th century as a decadent whipped dessert fit for kings and queens. In fact, “mousse” is French for foam.

The traditional mousse technique continues to be a staple of French cooking with many desserts and savoury dishes; whipping egg whites, butter and chocolate together creates wildly wonderful accompaniments for ganaches, gateaux, pastries and puddings.

This recipe from Epicurious piqued our curiosity, with the addition of a port ganache making the traditional chocolate mousse decidedly more modern and elegant.

Pair with the 30 Year Old Fine Aged Tawny to take you back to the 80s!

1990s - Honeycomb and Raspberry Viennetta

If you grew up in the 1990s you’ll remember the ultimate birthday cake or celebratory dessert was the creamy, chocolatey, crunchy, gift from the freezer section, Viennetta.

Fortunately, Jamie Oliver has also been inspired by the 90s, and bought the classic party favourite back in all its glory with his deliciously decadent honeycomb and raspberry Viennetta.

In his reinvented version, whipped ice-cream is replaced with a smooth mascarpone meringue topped with homemade honeycomb and tart raspberries, but that familiar crunch of chocolate through the middle happily remains.

Pair with our 21 Year Old Aged Tawny to transport you back to the 90’s.