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Yalumba - Sustainability
  • Environment


    When you’ve been operating in a rural environment for more than 167 years, you learn a few things about the importance of sustainability. Protecting the fundamental elements essential to the creation of quality wine, like land, air, water and energy, is paramount and something we take very seriously across the entire family business.

Yalumba has been developing its own sustainable viticulture program since the mid 1990s. This starts in the vineyard and extends to every aspect of winemaking, production, packaging and distribution. Many awards and milestones have resulted due to sustainability now being at our core. All Yalumba wines were announced vegetarian and vegan friendly as of 2011. Yalumba is the first wine company in the world to receive the Climate Protection Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2007. These benefits are most obvious in your wine glass.

Yalumba’s focus on sustainability is all about respecting the natural environment around us.

“We’re convinced our efforts in protecting our natural resources reflect in the quality of wines we make,” says fifth-generation Proprietor Robert Hill-Smith. “Quite simply, if we’re to focus on excellence in winemaking, it absolutely requires excellence in environmental management – the two are inseparable."

Yalumba runs an impressive environmental management programme, setting aside hundreds of hectares of land for conservation management. For every hectare of vineyard we own, we have at least one hectare of natural vegetation. We’ve planted thousands of trees over the past few decades.

“Apart from economic viability and social equity, for us, sustainability is about biodiversity in our vineyards,” says Winemaker Louisa Rose. “To encourage it, we’ve done a number of things: we’ve reduced the amount of chemicals we use, incorporated an integrated pest management system, and encouraged biodiversity of vegetation in our vineyards”. All in the name of better winemaking.

Australian Packaging Covenant

Yalumba is also a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) - an initiative aiming to increase sustainable packaging; increase recycling; and reduce packaging litter. Yalumba is committed to reducing the environmental effects of packaging, whilst maintain packaging integrity and Yalumba’s APC Action Plan is available here.

More information can also be found here.

The Nursery

Yalumba Nursery is committed to providing the Australian wine industry with high quality planting material so that the we can continue to thrive in the increasingly competitive global wine market.

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