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The Art Of Great Winemaking Is Knowing When To Let Go.

Our philosophy of wine.

Wine, in all its forms, is an expression of the philosophy of the winemaker.

At Yalumba, we are not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment to improve the quality of our wines. We make our wines to be delicious, savoury and perfect partners for food or special occasions. They have texture, interest and balance, and a bit of an edge. Our wines are created to excite and challenge you, taking you on a journey with every glass.

Understanding our practices

Our winemaking embraces the art of letting go, integrating specific philosophies into our vineyards and winery. This includes organic and vegan-friendly practices, and wild fermentation.
  • Vegan wines.

    Creating wines of distinction to be enjoyed by everyone.

    Achieving 100% vegan-friendly wine status came from the desire to make more expressive and delicious wines. We want our wines to represent quality while expressing the natural terroir in which they are grown.

    The decision to move away from using animal products such as gelatin, milk, and eggs in the making of our wines was initially made to avoid their tendency to strip away the delectable fruit flavours and textures we work so hard to gain. We didn’t set out to make vegan wine. We set out to make the best wines we could and the result was vegan wine.

  • Organic wines.

    Working in harmony with nature.

    We’ve been making organic wine since 2005 and, with increasing resources of Australian-certified organic grapes, we can now make these wines more widely available. Organic wines are grown without the use of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

    You can currently experience our Organics collection, offering Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Grigio. However, our efforts with organic grape growing and winemaking aren’t limited to this collection; the theories and practices are evident across all our estate vineyards and the winery.

    Being harmonious with the natural environment is at the core of our winemaking practices. Yalumba is an industry leader in environmental performance; reducing carbon emissions, increasing biodiversity and exploring organic viticulture.

  • Wild fermentation.

    A commitment to natural quality.

    For over 170 years, Yalumba has made wines that represent a time and a place. Wines that are the essence of the environment they’re grown in and naturally fermented with wild yeast from the vineyard. It’s this natural wild yeast that triggers the winemaking process and sparks fermentation, and it’s the first step in turning grape juice into wine. Part of our philosophy is allowing natural flora to flourish, to nurture healthier vineyards well into the future.

    Yalumba’s Wild Ferments collection embodies the essence of the vineyard and is the truest depiction of wild fermentation in our collections. However, all our wines include elements of wild fermentation, which allows for unique and individual wines that are a reflection of place, season and variety.

Wine made with passion.

Our winemakers are passionate about the wine they bring to your glass. Meet the people behind the process.