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Ten Wines to have on Your Christmas Table this Year

You have just been asked to host Christmas at yours this year. Of course, you've said yes, but before you panic, take a deep breath. We have you covered… for the wine part at least.

Here at Yalumba, we don't like to boast, but we have wine which will suit any occasion and cuisine. Whether you're looking for a traditional English-inspired roast dinner or wanting to switch it up with an Aussie BBQ, keep reading to learn which wines we recommend this Christmas.

Our Top Tip

We all know that certain foods match particular wines, but the truth is, there will be people on your table who have different palates to the rest.

The answer? We think it's best to have two or three different varieties to suit everyone's preferences.

Rosé & Chardonnay: Wines for the quintessential cheese platter

For the inaugural Christmas cheese platter, we always begin with the Barossa Valley Cheese Company
(the Barossa Triple Cream Brie is a must-buy for any spread). To accompany the cheese, we opt for something sweet such as dried fruit, followed by a smoky matured German mettwurst.

To pair, we recommend our crisp Block 2 Grenache Rosé or a glass of chilled Eden Valley Chardonnay. Why? The Rosé is a young, fruity, unoaked wine, and the Chardonnay is crisp and dry. Both of these varietals have plenty of body but are still soft on the palate, which is the perfect complement to the rich cheese flavours.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Grenache: Wines for the Christmas Ham

Our Yalumba Baked Christmas Ham Recipe is a must-try for anyone who loves a sticky, glazed ham for the festive season. With elements of saltiness from the meat mixed with the sweet glaze, our iconic The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz is the go-to wine pairing. The Cabernet Sauvignon blend is a medium-bodied wine which will stand up to the Christmas classic. For a lighter option, try The Tri-Centenary Grenache.

Viognier: Roast Turkey

Sometimes pairing wine with a roast turkey can prove challenging. With the inclusion of spicy stuffing, cranberry sauce and an abundance of vegetables, choose a wine that is fruit-driven and medium-bodied. Smooth and juicy wines such as The Virgilius Viognier or Eden Valley Viognier are full-bodied but rich in flavour, which will bring out the richness of the turkey, the sweetness of the cranberry sauce and the caramelisation of the roast vegetables.

Shiraz & Chilled Grenache: The Australian BBQ

In Australia, we are generally lucky with the weather where we can set up the Christmas table outside and bask in the sun. When grilling fatty meats, you want either a wine that will pair with the protein, or something light and refreshing.

We recommend chilling a light-bodied red, such as our Barossa Bush Vine Grenache. Serve the wine around 12-14 degrees celsius so that when cooled, the jammy red fruit characters will be more pronounced.

For a wine that will handle rich meats, we recommend our Barossa Shiraz. A wine with prominent structure and tannin, Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment to anything protein-based.

Tawny & the Humble Pavlova

What could be better than Tawny and pavlova? Crunchy and textural, yet sweet and fruity, this is a match made in paradise. Our Rare Aged Tawnies or Antique Muscat paired with a fruit-topped pavlova will not only be an exquisite treat for friends and family, but the intense raisin fruits and caramelised toffee will blend seamlessly, making your final Christmas dish one to remember.